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Doug Palmer Argues Before The Supreme Court

Yesterday, Doug Palmer, argued his first case before the Washington State Supreme Court.  The issue before the Court was whether trial court judges must instruct jurors about Washington's Attending Physician Rule.  This is a common law rule requiring Finders of Facts (Judges and Juries) to give "special consideration" to the opinions of the attending physician.  The trial judge in this case declined to give the instruction and the Court of Appeals agreed.

Our office requested the Washington State Association for Justice's Amicus Foundation program to become involved and file a Friend of the Court (Amicus) brief.  We are grateful they decided to file such a brief.  We also granted them time to present their own arguments in the case.  Their insight and tips for oral argument were immensely helpful.

You can watch the oral argument here: http://www.tvw.org/watch/?eventID=2016031069

You can learn more about the WSAJ here: https://www.washingtonjustice.org

You can learn more about the Amicus Foundation and even donate to the program here: https://www.washingtonjustice.org/index.cfm?pg=Foundation